64 Bits, OpenEXR, RGBE and Khronos KTX Texture Support in Pico Pixel

It has been more than a month since Pico Pixel 0.4.2. During that time, Pico Pixel was upgraded to 64 bits on Windows.

Pico Pixel now reads and displays OpenEXR (.exr), RGBE (.hdr) and KTX (.ktx) file formats. OpenEXR and RGBE are still a work in progress. Tone mapping isn’t applied to high dynamic range images yet. There is some work required in the interface to allow real time configuration of tone mapping operators.

OpenEXR files are quite open ended. They may have many layers, channels and views. Although Pico Pixel tries to display the most common channels, this isn’t enough to completely view and OpenEXR file. I am working on a solution for this. Essentially, the user should have the option to visualize any view, channel or layer.

On that note, Pico Pixel 0.5.0 is out