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A week ago, PixelAndPolygon went live. There’s a link on the page to download an early beta of Pico Pixel.

The beta version supports bmp, jpeg and png texture formats. The program relies on Windows native libraries to read these formats. Support for DxT and BCn textures is being planned.

The web site is still in construction, but this is a good time as any to try Pico Pixel. You will need a GPU with driver support for OpenGL 3.0. All GPUs from NVidia and AMD are good to go.

Intel’s driver fails to render Pico Pixel window properly. Reverting to regular window borders for this driver could be a solution.

Pico Pixel

Pico Pixel is the name of the image viewer I have wanted to make for a long time. As a 3D graphics developer, there are times when I need to dig deeper into an image and analyze its components. Tools such as Photoshop are great but they were built with artists and designers in mind. What I want from an image viewer is information that is relevant to graphics programmers and get it efficiently. Pico Pixel is my answer to that.
Pico Pixel

At it’s core, Pico Pixel is an image viewer built on Orion. Therefore, it uses the GPU to render of the UI and perform image processing. At this stage, it only supports a small set of image formats (png, jpeg, bmp), yet my goal is to support formats relevant to 3D graphics such as BCn, HDR, OpenEXR and more.

Although, I built Pico Pixel with graphics programmers needs in mind, I believe that artists and designers will appreciate Pico Pixel for its simplicity, speed and design.

Pico Pixel is built on Windows and a beta release version is coming soon.