Pico Pixel 0.6.2

I was pretty confident of the support for KTX files in Pico Pixel. However, this being a new file format, there aren’t many references viewer for it. The only one I found is Mali GPU Texture Compression Tool.

It turns out Mali’s tool does not correctly reproduce the mipmaps of texture it generates. While the Mali’s texture compression works, the reproduction of the rendering in the tool’s interface is wrong. Unfortunately, Pico Pixel also had the same issue.

In all the pictures, both Pico Pixel and Mali’s tool are using texture rgb-mipmap-reference.ktx from Khronos KTX SDK.

This is what Mali’s tool (v4.1) shows.
Mali gpu texture compression tool

Prior to release 0.6.2, Pico Pixel showed the same mipmap chain except for the last mip (level 6). Indeed, after a long investigation at the time, I came with the conclusion that level 6 in Mali’s tool was wrong and the last mip level should be pink (0, FF, FF) instead of black.

Last mip of rgb-mipmap-reference.ktx

Still, Pico Pixel had level 5 wrong just like Mali’s tool.

Incorrect decoding of level 5

Thanks to a bug report, this problem is fixed in 0.6.2. Here is what Pico Pixel shows now.

Zoomed view of rgb-mipmap-reference.ktx

A bug has also been submitted for the problem in Mali’s tool but I don’t know when it is going to be addressed.