Pico Pixel 0.6.5

Pico Pixel 0.6.5 has been released. As I mentionned in a previously blog post, there is partial support for PVR texture files. Although support for more format in PVR files will improve in subsequent releases, head over to Pico Pixel Support and let us know if you need to prioritize support for a specific texture format.

Also making a debut in Pico Pixel 0.6.5 is the texel grid. The grid shows up one texel have a size greater than 5x5. Use the 9 key to turn the grid on or off.

Texel Grid

Cut off from this release is support for alternative view of 2D and volume textures. Alternative view for 2D textures would show all the mip levels (if any) at the same time.

Alternate View 2D texture

Alternate View 2D texture

For volume textures, the alternate view shows the depth textures spreaded out in a row.

Alternate View 2D texture

Alternative views for cubemaps is still supported and are accessed by pressing the Enter key.